Hi Everyone, I’m Jason Krist creator of LifeLineMortgages.com.

What does that mean… Life Line Mortgages?

I created this website because I was once an emergency room nurse whose job was to assist doctors in life saving situations.  After years of saving many lives I decided it was time to create some lives.  8 years ago, I started a family and my business.  I decided I was going to take my skills and systems from the health industry to the financial industry.

After the transition to becoming a licensed Mortgage Broker I realized that there were many similarities in the 2 industries.  All I really did, was trade in life saving moments with my patients to creating life changing moments with my clients. I have been fortunate enough to work with a team of mortgage brokers throughout these years, where their experience was shared and leveraged.

Ultimately people come to an emergency room for a reason and people come to mortgage broker for a reason.  What are those reasons?  Generally they want immediate help and information from an expert to solve their important life-saving or life changing situation right now…Make no mistake… Your mortgage is your Life Line to owning your home!

My expertise is literally at your fingertips.  Touch base with me.  My direct cell is 604-785-8171.  Even if it’s a mortgage emergency, I’m ok with that, I’ve got the emotions to deal with it and the experience to handle it.

Who’s taking care of your Lifelines?